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Best British Spanking

Best British Spanking - (Added: 2010-03-23)

The best British spanking, caning and paddling movies on the net. High Definition films in MP4 format & wmv. Featuring the very best British spanking models and amateurs who love to be spanked and caned. We have taken the best films, all full length from a variety of our web sites and present them here for you to download and enjoy. PLEASE NOTE All our latest films are in TOP QUALITY MP4 HD and this may not always show on the store playback. Be sure you can play them on your big TV



Kiki is working in a photo studio doing some quite nice pictures but offers her more money if she will do some naughtier things. She is not too sure but the lure of the money is too strong and she finds herself naked. Her guardian turns up unexpectedly to prevent things going much further but she is determined to deal with Kiki and to do so very firmly and painfully. Kiki is put over the knee, and is then subjected to a real hard nasty spanking that leaves her in no doubt that she has done wrong and no doubt that she has been well punished.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 713 MB
$13.95 · 13 Min 28 Sec



IN this the latest episode from our drama The Prisoner Sarah breaks into the safe house where Leia Ann Woods is resting in her bed. Sarah was instrumental in Leia Anne getting a serious beating from her parole officer who is now the one who has taken advantage of her by placing her in this house and using her for his kinky desires whenever he pleases. After waking Leia Anne Sarah slaps her around the body and face, terrifying her before making her strip naked for a ferocious beating with various straps and then a heavy wooden paddle. In this film we see Sarah at her most wicked and dangerous and Leia Ann at her most submissive. Great acting from both girls in the painful end to this story.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 644 MB
$12.95 · 12 Min 10 Sec



This is the next episode in the story of THE PRISONER starring Leia Ann Woods as a young lady in loads of trouble. Her probation officer rescued her from the clutches of the wicked Sarah Bright but now she has to pay the price and instead of the more tender and amorous approach from Sarah she now feels the fullness of her mentors desires. He loves to beat her bottom and that is the price of her continued safety, she must submit to his wishes. Today he wants to paddle and cane her just to welcome her to the new house provided for her. This is more than she bargained for but she has to submit to the punishment

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 635 MB
$12.95 · 12 Min 0 Sec



Leia Anne’s parole officer has found escaped convict Sarah hiding in Leia Anne’s house and drags her from her hiding place only to have to separate the two girls as a fight starts. Leia Anne never wanted to have Sarah in her apartment but she was blackmailed into it by her one time prison lover Sarah. Now they both must pay the price at the hands of the very strange parole officer who exercises his authority with strap and cane. Today he will employ both these implements dishing out over forty strokes of the cane. Sarah is the first to bare her bottom and bend over. He certainly does not hold back on the strokes making each one count. Next Leia Ann removes her panties and bends over for her caning and then more strokes for Sarah and to end with a good strapping for both girls. A long hard and severe punishment.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 894 MB
$16.95 · 16 Min 55 Sec



At Spanking Sarah we debut a lot of girls who are brand new to the spanking world. When they have filmed with the best they move onto the rest and that is exactly what Bow also known as Kissie and Camilla did. This is the first ever film this young lady made and she gets spanked hard! Its always great when you get a girl come along who just loves the real thing, a real spanking, a real punishment and even better when she is as young and beautiful as Bow

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 563 MB
$10.95 · 10 Min 38 Sec



Leia Anne Woods is sheltering escaped prisoner Sarah who has more or less blackmailed her into this position. Leia Anne’s parole officer has called round and instantly knows something is wrong. Leia Anne knows the methods he employs to control his clients and is not looking forwards to the questions and the inevitable pain that will come from them. Sure enough, he produces a leather paddle and a prison strap. These he uses on her bare bottom and really does put all his effort into the swats. Leia Anne can’t hold out and confesses that Sarah is in the apartment, this gives him renewed strength to complete her beating before telling her that next he will be dealing with Sarah.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 894 MB
$16.95 · 16 Min 55 Sec



The start of this great five part story sees Sarah as an escaped prisoner breaking into and then blackmailing her old cell mate Leia Anne Woods. Sarah needs somewhere to stay till she can get out of the country and picks on her prison lover Leia Anne, who it is fair to say is not best pleased to see her in her flat. Sarah has to convince Leia Anne to play along with her plans and how best to do this but to get a hold of her and drag her over her knees prior to giving her a good hard spanking and slapping.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 597 MB
$11.95 · 11 Min 18 Sec



This is the last part schoolgirl series filmed in an actual boarding school with real punishment instruments. There are 11 parts to this series with loads of intrigue, sex, spankings,paddlings and canings A blow job and a dose of the paddle for school teacher Ms Granger. This lovely mature schoolteacher simply can’t say no to sex in all its forms, she has already been punished for having sex with the grounds man and now she is at the same thing again. Despite the punishment she had from the headmaster she secretly loves to be spanked and paddled and the dirty lucky grounds man knows this. The rest of the school are away on a trip when he confronts her in the gardens and gets her to suck his cock before giving her a good hard paddling. LOOK OUT FOR THE COMPILATION PROGRAMS FEATURING ALL EPISODES

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 812 MB
$16.95 · 15 Min 21 Sec



Poor Clover finds herself in big trouble at Dothegirls Hall a school for very badly behaved girls. She has been sent to the Head Masters office for being in position of a bottle of strong booz this is totally against school rules. This naughty school girl is to be given the hardest strapping of her young life. In the headmasters study she is made to see the error of her ways with a good scalding and then the painful part of the punishment starts. She is paddled and spanked First on her hands and then over her school knickers and then onto her bare bottom.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 1046 MB
$19.95 · 19 Min 47 Sec



More from this hard hitting schoolgirl series filmed in an actual boarding school with real punishment instruments. There are 11 parts to this series with loads of intrigue, sex, spankings,paddlings and canings. Miss Granger has been caught having sex with the caretaker at Dothegirls Hall a very unusual school for girls. She has already felt the paddle across her bottom in her first punishment for letting the school down. It is now time for this mature teacher to take her second punishment. This time it is not over the knee, she has to remove her underwear and bend over for a beating with the heavy paddle. She endures the pain quite well but the headmaster then tells her to stay where she is as he is going to give her a caning with the senior girls cane. He makes each stroke count and Miss Grainger is left in no doubt that she has been well and truly punished.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 1063 MB
$20.95 · 20 Min 6 Sec



Honey is in more trouble at her school. She is disruptive and late for everything. Her form mistress has punished her already this week but now she is in front of the head master for a most severe punishment. She first of all gets a spanking on her school knickers and then on her bare bottom. Next she is placed over the punishment bench for a no nonsense caning, this really hurts the young lady. To end this punishment she gets a strapping on both hands from the headmaster.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 789 MB
$14.95 · 14 Min 40 Sec



Sophie Parker is new to spanking and to kinky modelling. She is midway through her interview with Mr. Stern to find out if she has what it takes to become a spanking model for Strand. She has just had her first spanking and now it’s time to take it a bit further and the paddle is the chosen implement. Her panties are soon off and before he puts her over his knees he gets her to kneel in the chair, bottom well pushed out while he delivers a good hard leathering. We have to say she did seem to take to the spanking and the paddle despite the fact that she was in unaccustomed pain.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 416 MB
$10.95 · 7 Min 51 Sec



Alora Lux has what she thinks is a very lucrative business going. She is doing private webcam sessions and posing as a dominant woman reading out nasty stories and showing pictures of women kicking men in the balls and otherwise ill-treating them. She soon gets found out however and her days of being a dominant sex kitten are about to be brought to a very painful end. She is in the middle of one of her shows, reading out this dirty script and playing with her wet open pussy when Sarah discovers what she is about. Boy is she for it now, no messing, straight over the knee and she gets the hardest hand spanking her bare bottom has ever taken. Her panty hose around her knees’, legs kicking she just has to take the punishment.

MP4 · 3840x2160 · 626 MB
$12.95 · 11 Min 37 Sec



More from this hard hitting schoolgirl series filmed in an actual boarding school with real punishment instruments. There are 11 parts to this series with loads of intrigue, sex, spankings,paddlings and canings. It is never wise to upset your school teacher, especially if she is wielding a paddle. Clover and Sarah forget this fact. Miss Grainger has been punished by the headmaster as a result of Sarah being sneaky. She now plans to punish Sarah and her friend Clover. They have to dress in their school vests and white knickers and go over her knee for a paddling. Not satisfied with this the girls are made to strip naked and kneel on the floor their bottoms in the air as the paddling continues in this very revealing way. Next they have to put their hands on their heads and feel the wicked leather paddle across their bare bottoms.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 911 MB
$17.95 · 17 Min 14 Sec



Girls should not fight, especially over a boy but that’s just what Violet and Dilon are caught doing. They are in the caretakers room at school and he catches them. He hates the nasty smelly girls so runs off to tell the headmistress who confronts the cat fighting females. Hair pulling, face slapping and general unladylike behaviour are definitely against school rules and this major transgression will have to be dealt with in the most severe way. Dilon is first to be dragged over the headmistresses knees and to get spanked first over her knickers and then on the bare bottom. Next comes Violet, her kicking and yelling do not help her situation as she gets the same punishment. Then the school strap is brought into use, each girl gets an allotted number of strokes but as they still display a fighting spirit this is soon increased till they both end up with bright red, painful bottoms.

MP4 · 3840x2160 · 1205 MB
$23.95 · 22 Min 24 Sec



Miss Grainger has been caught on camera by one of the pupils at Dothegirls Hall as she was fucking the caretaker. Sarah Bright the pupil in question has just been punished by the headmaster and now it is the turn of Miss Grainger. Before that however she pays a visit to Sarah Bright in her dorm and tells her that she knows it was her who went to the headmaster and that she will be back later to give her a damn good thrashings. Miss Grainger then reports to the headmaster who soon has her over his knees with her skirt raised. He starts off with ah hard hand spanking but soon progresses. He uses the senior paddle on her bottom over her frilly panties and then on the bare. This is total humiliation for this mature teacher who has never been punished before; this is a total nightmare for her and she has more to come.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 685 MB
$12.95 · 12 Min 57 Sec



Mr. Stern and Sarah are having a quiet candle lit dinner when Sarah proposes a way in which both she and Mr. Stern could get to spank the bottoms of more young ladies. She says she has a way to get the village girls to come to her and confess their misbehaviour; Stern is of course interested and tells Sarah she can do this just as long as he gets his share of bottoms to spank. Later that evening, after talking to Katie the maid Stern decides that it’s about time Sarah went over his knees, she is getting a bit out of hand by firing some of the staff she does not like. An argument ensues but Sarah is soon over his knees, skirt raised her lovely bottom being turned a lovely shade of red. This is from our UNLADYLIKE MANOR series, the longest running spanking soap.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 882 MB
$16.95 · 16 Min 40 Sec



Mr. Stern is rather proud of his apple farm and takes care with the day to day chores around the place. He has had a lot of apples going missing from his trees and some damage around the place. Sid his helper has found the culprit, and brings her to Stern. He is not in the mood to mess around and gives her little choice but to accept a punishment from him there and then. He bends her over a bench and taking a large length of wood begins to beat her bottom over her jeans but then makes her remove these before continuing his task. After this comes a spanking and then just when we think the apple thief has taken enough he gets his cane and gives her a good whacking. This is an exceptional hard and nasty punishment session.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 678 MB
$13.95 · 12 Min 49 Sec



Lorna Shannon has just been punished by Sarah her boss for stealing from the company but as we all know, a lady who wants something can be very devious. Sarah now goes to see Lorna and makes it clear to her that if she wants to keep her job she will have to, from time to time, submit to being spanked and otherwise used by Sarah. Lorna is obviously not too happy about this but she does have a good job and maybe it will not be too bad. She soon realises she may have made a mistake as Sarah proceeds to get her to strip and then uses a variety of implements including a flogger and small whip and paddles on her bare bottom. This beautiful young girl just has to submit and take the pain.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 1068 MB
$22.95 · 20 Min 11 Sec



Lorna Shannon is good at her job, when she applies herself to it, which is not often. But on top of that money had been missing from the business. Sarah visits the young lady at home to discuss this and to give her the chance to own up to having taken the money. Sarah has the proof but Lorna will not own up. She has to be punished. This will be in two parts, the first of which involves her going over the knee to get the very first spanking of her young life. It’s hard and it is meant to be a punishment. We take our time to find the most beautiful, sexy, naughty girls for you. We know you will love the first punishment of Lorna Shannon

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 1200 MB
$22.95 · 22 Min 41 Sec