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Best British Spanking - (Added: 2010-03-23)

The best British spanking, caning and paddling movies on the net. High Definition films in MP4 format & wmv. Featuring the very best British spanking models and amateurs who love to be spanked and caned. We have taken the best films, all full length from a variety of our web sites and present them here for you to download and enjoy. PLEASE NOTE All our latest films are in TOP QUALITY MP4 HD and this may not always show on the store playback. Be sure you can play them on your big TV



Violet is now set in her routine, when she comes in from work she has to remove her street clothes and stand in the corner awaiting her step mommy’s return. This is a special evening for Violet she been given permission to stop out till 10.30 with her friends. But she is soon in trouble, she does not get home till much later and she is wearing skimpy sexy clothes which step mommy certainly does not approve of. She has to go and change into her little girl uniform and report back for a sound over the knee spanking. Then she is sent to change into her night clothes and gets a further hard spanking. She is then placed on the bed and spanked in the diaper position and a baby dummy put into her mouth to stop her crying. A real spanking regression film.

MP4 · 3840x2160 · 1340 MB
$24.50 · 24 Min 53 Sec



This is another story from my cash strapped Girls series featuring Jana who is just typical of girls who can’t control their spending. As you may know cash strapped girls an organisation who lend money to young ladies who can’t get credit anywhere else. The catch is that in return for the money they have to take part in a scheme to bring their spending under control and this includes a good hard spanking or depending on the amount of money a hard paddling. Jana has no option but to take the punishment, and is placed over the kitchen table, panties lowered and her bare bottom given a good hard paddling.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 1038 MB
$19.95 · 19 Min 18 Sec



This is rather an unusual film for me to make and I think takes the whole spanking film, story kink to another level. This short series stars one of my very best friends Suzanne along with Mr. Stern. This is a dark story about Suzanne, a cheating wife and her descent into a kind of self induced hell. She will suffer uncertainty, pain and humiliation at her husband's hands and the hands of others. This first part tells the story of her remorse at being caught out cheating on her husband; the punishment decided upon and administered by her husband comes hard and fast and without mercy. Once Suzanne starts on this journey into pain she has no idea where it will end. This is her script and is told in the way she wanted and you really do need to follow the story to the painful end.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 712 MB
$14.95 · 13 Min 27 Sec



Housewife Helen who is a friend of Katie Didit has just had her first experience of a good hard spanking, something she had always wanted but now she wants more. Sarah has a search through Katie Didit’s cupboards and finds a collection of good solid spanking toys. She starts off by giving Helen a beating with a leather paddle over her heavy duty panties. Not happy with this protection Helen is instructed to strip off and with her big swinging tits on display she bends over to take a real hard beating on her bare bottom from a variety of implements. By the time Sarah has finished with her she has an extremely red and painful bottom but she has had the experience she wanted

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 862 MB
$16.95 · 16 Min 2 Sec



We were asked to make a series of custom films of girls dressed only in high heels spanking and otherwise punishing themselves. Here we have the most amazing Alora Lux. Now she is a girl who will admit to liking pain but would she be able to inflict it on herself? The answer is a most certainly as witnessed by her red and marked bottom at the end of this film and her request that Sarah come and join her to inflict even more pain. In the final part of this quite amazing and very erotic film Sarah comes in to watch and offer her advice. This includes demonstrating the best way to use the implements with some extra hard and cruel swats. The film comes to a close as Sarah canes Alora with full strength strokes, to our amazement she then asks for more strokes. The tears are rolling down her cheeks as she once again lays on the bed and punishes her poor nipples. Look out for the other parts of this film or the full collection.

MP4 · 3840x2160 · 999 MB
$18.95 · 18 Min 33 Sec



Helen is best friends with Katie Didit one of our regular spanking partners. Helen has come round to see Katie as she has a bit of a problem and she hopes that Katie can help her sort it. In short, she wants to be spanked, she has always thought about this but not known how to go about getting what she wanted. She knew Katie was into some pretty kinky things so she asked if Katie would help. Katie phoned Sarah and she came around. After a chat with Helen to make sure that this was really what she wanted Sarah gave Helen her first ever spanking. She has a very large bottom and Sarah had her work cut out making sure that it got a real spanking covering every bit of it.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 843 MB
$15.50 · 15 Min 40 Sec



This is our second film with a very young Nimoy who is now one of our best known models. This was made at the start of her journey into the world of spanking and CP. In this film she tells us why she needs the discipline and pain and how she likes to get it. She then takes a hard swatting from a strange and painful wooden paddle on her bare bottom. Next comes a very hard tawsing on her hands, this she really does not like. She does not get away from this punishment session however before taking a hard caning on her already red and sore bottom.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 918 MB
$13.95 · 17 Min 4 Sec



Nimoy is one of our better known spanking and CP models and this is one of her very early films which we rather like. It shows off just what this young lady is capable of and also just how much pleasure she gets from taking the pain from a dominant man. In this film she gets the strap and the riding crop on her beautiful firm bottom. There is no messing with this young lady she was made to be punished and is happy when she is feeling the sting of the swats on her bare bottom.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 707 MB
$13.95 · 13 Min 8 Sec



Honey is a typical teen she loves to laze around in her bed, use lots of makeup and borrow her Aunties best necklace. All things she knows she should not be doing. On top of that she has started dating some boys that Aunt Katie does not approve of so now it’s time to call in this bad behaviour. She has to go over the knee for a spanking but Aunt Katie is not leaving it there, oh no. She takes off her leather soled slipper and gives Honey a real slippering on her bare bottom. This girl knows she has been well punished.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 575 MB
$10.95 · 10 Min 42 Sec



Ella has just passed the first part of her audition and her introduction to the world of spanking. She still has a nice warm red bottom to show for it. It’s now time to get a little more serious, a spanking is OK but to get into this world you have to be able to take a whole lot more and it certainly is not for everyone. Ella is keen however and so agrees to take a paddling from Mr. Sterns favourite paddle. Bare bottom in the air she takes all her swats and seems to be quite OK about it. It was harder than she thought it was going to be buty she told herself to get on with it and take what she deserved

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 577 MB
$11.95 · 10 Min 44 Sec



Beautiful Ella has a desire and that is to appear in one of our spanking films. Well that’s all well and good and Mr. Stern would love to film with her but first just like every other lady we work with she has to pass her audition. Is she ready for this? Mr. Stern explains what will happen and she goes over his knees. What a surprise, Stern had thought that maybe she was not going to be able to take a good hard spanking but boy, was she able. He turned her beautiful bottom bright red. Would she go onto the second part

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 916 MB
$17.95 · 17 Min 1 Sec



Aunty Katie was expecting Lotty home from school over an hour ago so when she does finally turn up she has some questions to answer. It transpires she has been at the local park with some boys and she was doing with these boys things she really should not. She has been warned before about this and now she is in for some serious punishment. Over Aunty Katie’s knees she goes for a real hard hairbrush spanking over her school panty hose. Once the pain starts these are taken down and her bare bottom gets a real hairbrush paddling.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 777 MB
$14.95 · 14 Min 26 Sec



Aunty Katie gets home after a hard day at work expecting to see her dinner, which she had prepared, ready cooked and on the table. This simple task she has left to Lotty. Instead she finds the girl still in her school uniform reading a cheap magazine. Lotty does not seem to care that she has not completed this simple task and so Aunt Katie is going to teach her a lesson. This starts by her being placed over the knee and given a good spanking on her school knickers and then on the bare bottom. Next she has to bend over the kitchen table bottom bare and well raised so that Aunty can give her a good hard slippering.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 767 MB
$14.95 · 14 Min 15 Sec



Mr. Stern has caught his housekeeper punishing the new housemaid and wants to know why. When he gets the full story he realizes that the punishment was well deserved but the housekeeper had no right to take it upon herself to apply the punishment. Stern will now punish them both. The housekeeper is the first to feel the full size paddle on her bare bottom swiftly followed by the maid. This is not to be the end of the punishment and Mr. Stern gets his cane and makes them bend over in turn for a severe caning on bare sore bottoms. Well laid on, hard strokes make both ladies very sorry.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 991 MB
$18.95 · 18 Min 25 Sec



Emma the new maid ion the stern household has been spanked by the housekeeper and so she is well aware of the sort of treatment she can expect for any wrong doing. This does not stop her steeling a valuable bracelet from her Mistresses bedroom. Miss Didit the housekeeper soon finds out what she has done and is determined to deal with her in a manner she will not forget. She makes her bend over, her panties are removed and she is given a very severe strapping with a traditional punishment strap. This is painful and the maid’s cries bring Mr. Stern to the room. What is going to happen now?

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 662 MB
$13.95 · 12 Min 18 Sec



Nurse Lilly Song is a pupil nurse and she is also learning English. She has not been keeping up with her work in the school.  She has alredady been spanked and paddled by the doctor but now something more severe must happen to her. This lovely Chinese student knows she has to be punished and accepts this.  She has to remove her panties and kneel in the chair. The head doctor then canes her without mercy.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 555 MB
$16.95 · 15 Min 9 Sec



Emma is a new maid to the Stern household and she has yet to come up against the formidable housekeeper Miss Katie Didit. That day it seems has arrived. She should be working, cleaning the bathroom but instead she strips off her uniform and gets into the lady of the houses bath tub. She spends time relaxing and then playing with her pussy as she thinks about her boyfriend. This is interrupted by the arrival of Miss Didit who is in a real temper. She decides to deal with Emma there and then by making her bend over the bath for a wet bottom spanking and paddling. Poor Emma has to obey or lose her job.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 783 MB
$14.95 · 14 Min 33 Sec



Sometimes you have to use a certain amount of cunning to get what you want. Mr. Stern has a new housemaid and he has been trying to catch her doing something wrong so he could punish her as per her contract. She however was perfect in every way. Stern therefore hatched a plan with the aid of his gardener to get her into trouble. One day when she thought Stern was away from home she let Karl seduce her on the front lawn. They spent the afternoon fucking and sucking till she was totally satisfied. It was then Stern made his appearance. Linda realised she had been tricked and was real mad about this but she had to take her punishment. For this she was dressed in a black leather outfit which left her well exposed for Stern to spank and paddle her bottom and breasts right out there on the lawn.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 1915 MB
$30.95 · 35 Min 35 Sec



Milla has overstayed her welcome in the country and has had to suffer a hard spanking at the hands of the wicked Judge Stern. Now more crimes have been uncovered, these include assaulting a police officer and so a rather more painful punishment is called for. The judge is a great believer in the benefits of harsh corporal punishment, she has many years experience at administering it to recalcitrant young ladies and many of them will admit to becoming better citizens after a good beating from the judge. At this moment though Mila is not at all sure that she will be able to take the punishment the judge is handing out. It is decided by the court that she should receive a long and extremely hard paddling with the court issued punishment paddle. The judge is happy that her leather paddle will help instil into Mia the virtues of good behaviour. What follows is a long and hard paddling on this girl’s bare bottom.

MP4 · 3840x2160 · 628 MB
$12.95 · 11 Min 40 Sec



Nurse Lilly song is a Chinese nursing student who is proving to be very unreliable. She has been spanked once by the head doctor and now she is in trouble again. She was supposed to be giving a massage to a patient when she told him that because he had hair on his back she would have to shave it off. He was not best pleased and dragged her over his knees and gave her a good spanking over her white panties. The head doctor interrupted this and after questioning both parties decided the punishment was warranted and that he would add to it. He produced a leather paddle and applied it to her bare bottom whilst aided by the patient who joined in the punishment. This was her first ever taste of the paddle and it’s fair to say she did not like the pain.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 769 MB
$14.95 · 14 Min 17 Sec