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Best British Spanking

Best British Spanking - (Added: 2010-03-23)

The best British spanking, caning and paddling movies on the net. High Definition films in MP4 format & wmv. Featuring the very best British spanking models and amateurs who love to be spanked and caned. We have taken the best films, all full length from a variety of our web sites and present them here for you to download and enjoy. PLEASE NOTE All our latest films are in TOP QUALITY MP4 HD and this may not always show on the store playback. Be sure you can play them on your big TV

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MOMMY'S REGRESSION SESSIONS VIOLET HAYS 54 Mins of the best age regression at a special price for one month only

This is the first film to herald a new series and a totally new concept. The series is called Mommy’s Regression Sessions and in this first very long film we see the regression of Violet Hays. She goes from a confident young woman about town, out doing all the usual things like shopping but one day, when she gets home from the shop her new Mommy has a surprise for her. The story starts as she returns to her car in the shopping mall and gets a text message on her car phone. She has lain out a selection of little girl clothes and hair bands and tells violet that as she has been acting like a naughty little girl she is to be treated just the way a naughty little girl should be. She has to go over the knee for a good hard spanking, just to show her who is the boss. This is completed despite her kicks and screams. Then she is sent off to change into her little girl clothes. From there on in she is slowly regressed into the naughty little girl she really is. She has bath time where she is soaped and spanked, she goes shopping and punished for sassing Mommy, she gets sent to bed where she plays with herself and is caught by Mummy, the punishments are swift and severe with lots of hard over the knees spankings and tears. Violet also has to submit to regular knickers examinations, Mommy demands that they are clean at all times, if not she will be punished. This is a great spanking packed film with corner time when she is naughty to harsh telling off and lots of bottoms and knickers on show all the time. This film is shot and edited in full 4K to give a perfect picture on your big screen or your phone. Watch out for more in this series from Strand and Spanking Sarah

MP4 · 3840x2160 · 2871 MB
$39.95 · 53 Min 22 Sec


LAURA'S NASTY PUNISHMENTS 31 mins of hard punishment

Sometimes the talking has to stop and in this case not only does the talking have to stop but important lessons have to be learned. Laura has been sent to stay with her strict Aunt because she has become uncontrollable at home. It turns out she has had a very expensive make over on her finger nails and has stolen the money to pay for this. What to do? Well a good lecture is a way to start but then she has to go over the knee and take a real hard spanking on her bare bottom. Even the older teens have to learn that if you step out of line there are consequences. When you have given a young girl a good hard spanking and a severe scalding with a warning to behave and you then find out that she has been cheating with your boyfriend, what do you do? Well Sarah knew exactly what needed to be done with young Alora Lux, a girl placed in her care. First she made her strip off all her clothes, next she is told things that leave her shaking with fear and then Sarah took a nasty leather two tailed taws and used it to great effect on Alora’s hands and then on her breasts. This was not well received and the tears began to well in her eyes. More to come though as Alora was made to bend over for a good hard whacking with the thick leather paddle. Just take a look at this girl at the end of our film, there is no doubt that she has received a terrible punishment.

MP4 · 3840x2160 · 1699 MB
$25.95 · 31 Min 34 Sec



More from this hard hitting schoolgirl series filmed in an actual boarding school with real punishment instruments. There are 11 parts to this series with loads of intrigue, sex, spankings,paddlings and canings. The day of Fiona Houghten Smiths punishment has arrived and the headmaster shows her the evidence of her giving the caretaker a blowjob. She can’t deny the video evidence but protests her punishment. It makes no difference. She is placed over the staff room table, school skirt raised, knickers lowered and she gets the leather paddle and strap. This really is laid on and is meant to act as a deterrent and help her correct her ways.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 778 MB
$14.95 · 14 Min 42 Sec



The start of this hard hitting schoolgirl series filmed in an actual boarding school with real punishment instruments. There are 11 parts to this series with loads of intrigue, sex, spankings,paddlings and canings. The headmaster of Dothegirls Hall a select school for the daughters of very well to do parents has a problem. He knows that one of the girls, Fiona Houghten Smith is getting up to all sorts of things including leaving the school after lights out to go with the local boys and smoking and drinking. He just can’t catch her. So he enlists the services of the caretaker, who he suspects is letting her in and out of the school, to catch her out on hidden camera. Sure enough the evidence is there, she is caught giving the caretaker a blow job, and this is just what the headmaster needed. She is to be punished.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 1034 MB
$19.95 · 19 Min 33 Sec



Lucie is a model but she is very temperamental. She has been hired by Mr. Stern to pose for pictures for his web site but is just argumentative and will not do as requested. Stern eventually loses his temper with her and decides to make the poses real. He gets her into a very revealing position and uses a leather riding crop on her bottom till it's well marked and red. He then makes her bend over for a harsh caning.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 599 MB
$17.95 · 16 Min 23 Sec



This is the second part of our film showing what happened to Dillon when she was sent to an adult punishment and discipline school. She has to sit with her knickers round her knees as she is lectured and questioned by the head mistress, very humiliating. She has been accused of bullying, one of the more serious breaches of school rules plus she has been reading sexy dirty books when she should have been studying. The punishment for this will be delivered by the headmistress using a very heavy and specially designed leather paddle. The whole object of this paddle is to hurt those bottoms it is applied to and the headmistress not only knows this but she knows just how to swing it down so as to give the maximum pain to the bent over bottom receiving its attentions.

MP4 · 3840x2160 · 711 MB
$14.95 · 13 Min 13 Sec



Another case for the infamous Judge Sarah in another courtroom drama. Mila has been caught overstaying her welcome in the UK and has to face the totally outrageous judgment from Judge Sarah Stern. In her court everyone is guilty as charged and once sentence is passed it is carried out there and then. In the case of Mila this will be a hand spanking first over her short skirt, then over her panties and then to end a blistering spanking on her bare bottom. The poor girl has little option but to submit to this judgment and sentence.

MP4 · 3840x2160 · 806 MB
$14.95 · 14 Min 58 Sec



Sometimes the talking has to stop and in this case not only does the talking have to stop but important lessons have to be learned. Laura has been sent to stay with her strict Aunt because she has become uncontrollable at home. It turns out she has had a very expensive make over on her finger nails and has stolen the money to pay for this. What to do? Well a good lecture is a way to start but then she has to go over the knee and take a real hard spanking on her bare bottom. Even the older teens have to learn that if you step out of line there are consequences.

MP4 · 3840x2160 · 888 MB
$16.95 · 16 Min 30 Sec



When Lucy comes along to do her first modelling assignment with us we did not realise just how arrogant and ill tempered she was. The final thing was her asking for more money and objecting to some of the revealing poses. She was dressed in our latest red latex outfit and looked very dominant but that did not prevent her from being bent over and strapped and paddled on her bare bottom, I can say this, she was not happy with her red and sore bottom

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 1244 MB
$23.95 · 23 Min 31 Sec



Jackie is at senior girls college where some privileges are allowed but one that is not is smoking. The ground keeper catches her outside his hut smoking and tells her he must report her. She is the sort of girl who likes to get her own way no matter what and she opens her school blouse and offers her big tits to the guy. He is made of sterner stuff and can resist the temptation but now tells her he will administer the punishment himself. This takes the form of a spanking outside in the school grounds. She has to bend over and drop her school knickers, she then gets the bare bottom spanking she deserves. Good and hard and made to reach her a lesson.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 675 MB
$12.95 · 12 Min 45 Sec



Elly Shaw is a quiet sort of girl, she troubles no one at work and tries her best to do as she is told but when Mr Stern catches her shirking when she is supposed to be working he is not very happy! He gives her a real scalding and tells her he should get rid of her, he does not want girls shirking at work. She agrees to take his punishment rather that face dismissal. He puts her over the end of the table, removes her panties and spanks her bare bottom until it is red and sore.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 747 MB
$14.95 · 14 Min 8 Sec



Verity has come along to Mr. Sterns house as a prospective spanking model, Mr Stern is not there but she gets chatting to Sarah and it’s not long before she is seducing Sarah, kissing her breasts and playing with her. She soon works out that Sarah is very submissive and persuades her to get over her knees for a spanking. Sarah does this and her enjoyment is obvious. Verity spanks Sarah in a number of positions but unfortunately Mr Stern returns and catches her at it. Now what should he do? Verity came to be spanked but it’s obvious that spanking will not be enough.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 1201 MB
$22.95 · 22 Min 42 Sec



Suzanne is home from college and she is in lots of trouble. Bad exam results and the principle has been on the phone. What can be done to keep this girl at her lessons and teach her that boys are not the most important thing in life? The most severe punishment Mr. Stern can give is this triple punishment. Knickers removed Suzanne goes over the knee for a spanking on her bottom, this continues till it is bright red. Next up it’s the heavy paddle once again used on her bare bottom as she bends over into the chair. Then just as an extra a few strokes with the taws on her hands before the final part of her punishment, a good whacking with the senior girls can.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 772 MB
$14.95 · 14 Min 21 Sec



Dillon is a pupil at the adult punishment school and she is in deep trouble. The school trouble shooter has summoned her and is questioning her bad behaviour. It turns out that this young lady is just plain lazy, well this and some other things which will emerge later. To start the discipline session Dillon is placed over the knee and spanked on her white school knickers before these are removed for a good, hard and prolonged bare bottom spanking.

MP4 · 3840x2160 · 748 MB
$13.95 · 13 Min 54 Sec



Maisy Dee is a dirty young lady, anyone who knows her will tell you that but she really did go too far when she invited a young photographer back home to take some video of her playing with her vibrator in her bed. She was of course discovered whilst in the middle of this and the punishment was immediate. She was already naked and so she was turned over and her beautiful naughty bare bottom given a good hard spanking.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 568 MB
$15.95 · 15 Min 25 Sec



This is another hard hitting story from The House Of Correction and features Mila who has been sent for an extended course of strict discipline and punishment. All the regular punishment methods have been tried and exhausted and now it is up to the more extreme measures employed on the inmates here. Part of the punishment is humiliation and a good face to face telling off starts this first punishment session. Mila then has to remove her school knickers and take a very embarrassing position on the punishment bench. The disciplinarian uses one of the very heaviest and largest of the leather paddles available and gives the bare bottom of this badly behaved girl a real trouncing. She is left with the marks of her punishment as a reminder of the pain.

MP4 · 3840x2160 · 564 MB
$11.95 · 10 Min 28 Sec



Yes in this film I really do have a genuine spanking virgin for you. A young, vibrant beauty she will take her very first spanking from me just for you. Her name is Violet Haze and I am just so lucky to be the first to put her over my knee. I questioned her closely to make sure that she really had not been spanked before and I was amazed at just how keen she was to get this first experience. I did not go easy on her as you will see and by the time I had finished her spanking she had a well red bottom.

MP4 · 3840x2160 · 843 MB
$16.95 · 15 Min 39 Sec


Schoolgirl Wynter tawsed

Wynter Sky is relaxing in the senior girls common room when she is surprised by the headmaster. He does not usually come into that room and he is carrying a very worrying looking array of school canes and straps. He informs Wynter that it is common knowledge throughout the school and the local village that she has been posing for dirty pictures and being paid for them. She can’t really deny this and has to own up. The headmaster tells her she must receive an exemplary punishment for this disgusting behaviour and she will be punished right there and then. First she is told to hold out her hand so that the school two tailed strap can be used on each hand in turn, this is so very painful and she is regretting her actions. Next she has to bend over the common room table, skirt raised and take a hard dose of the school strap on her white school knickers and then on her bare bottom.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 816 MB
$15.95 · 15 Min 26 Sec



Home from school Misty is once again in deep trouble. As teenagers go she is pretty naughty and very cheeky. Things are not as they should be and her report is very bad. She has to be punished and taught a lesson. No choice for her guardian but to take down her school knickers and paddle her bare bottom until she is one very sorry girl and the tears flow down her cheeks as she burts into real tears, no messing this thrashing made her cry.. This is her very first taste of the paddle and it does hurt.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 880 MB
$16.95 · 16 Min 39 Sec



We do sometimes get our members contact us and ask if we can deal with their wives, usually they like to watch as their wife gets just what she deserves. Frances came to our studio with her boyfriend, a member of our web site. He said she had always wanted to have her bottom spanked and that he could never manage to do it. Could we help out. She was extremely she and timid and we really did not know if this was what she really wanted. She soon however confirmed that she did indeed want to get spanked, just the once to see what it was like. She went over the knee when ordered and took quite a hard spanking on her fishnet tights and then on her bare bottom. Just shows you never know who may want to be spanked next.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 298 MB
$6.50 · 5 Min 38 Sec