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Sarah's Fetish Play

Sarah's Fetish Play - (Added: 2021-02-27)

This store explores the kinkier side of me (Sarah Gregory). See me have lots of sexy and kinky fun with friends as well as my real life Dominant, Miss Bernadette. Also see me do some sexy solo clips, including feet fetish, pantyhose, balloons, masturbation, scolding, and much more!


Lily Dominates Sarah - MP4

In this sexy fetish film between real life couple, Sarah Gregory and Lily Swan, Sarah is Dominated by Lily. Sarah is cuffed to the cross, Lily has fun with her using different sensations from pleasure to pain. Lily flogs, straps, and crops Sarah. Sarah longs for pleasure but Lily wants to punish her first with some pain. Finally after Sarah's bottom is a lovely shade of pink, Lily takes a vibrator to Sarah's pussy. While holding it to her clit, she sticks her fingers inside Sarah until she cums!

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 1771 MB
$29.99 · 30 Min 25 Sec


Masturbation Over Pantyhose - MP4

I just got a new DOXY vibrator and I am so excited to use it over my pantyhose. My pantyhose feel so smooth and silky against my skin. I press the vibrator against myself. I am getting so wet. I slide my fingers inside myself under the pantyhose to feel just how wet I am!!! I am so close. I am going to cum! I wish you were here with me to hold it firmly against my wet swollen pussy. I am cumming!!!! You love to watch your little slut as she cums so hard looking into your eyes.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 417 MB
$8.99 · 7 Min 4 Sec


Cum For Me - MP4

You come to see me and stand nude in front of me while I instruct you to touch your big hard cock. I slowly strip for you and tease you with my tits, ass and pussy while I tell you to keep your hands moving up and down on your hard cock. I tell you to hold off and not to cum until I tell you to while constantly teasing you. I am so wet and horny.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 616 MB
$11.99 · 8 Min 30 Sec


Diaper Stripper Slut Humiliated - Part 2

In this long two part film, Miss Bernadette uses spanking and diaper punishment to fully humiliate her little slut of a submissive. A side note; before filming this, Sarah knew there would be diapers involved but had no idea the premise. Bernadette wanted to surprise Sarah for very real reaction and boy did she get one. Sarah was fully humiliated to the maximum and you can feel her emotions jumping from the screen. In part two, Sarah, now with a red sore bottom is given the promised humiliating surprise of a punishment of being put in diapers. Sarah has no idea that this is going to happen so when Miss Bernadette brings out a pink princess diaper and tells Sarah to lay down on the couch Sarah is mortified. If Sarah is going to lie and strip then she will be put in a diaper and made to show her Dominant all the moves. Miss Bernadette makes Sarah move for her the way she does in the club but while wearing a diaper. She puts $1 bills in Sarah's diaper. How unbelievably humiliating for Sarah! She has to twerk, and move all around in a diaper and feels so foolish doing this, but if she wants forgiveness she knows she must take this punishment even as humiliating as it is.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 881 MB
$14.99 · 14 Min 48 Sec


Diaper Stripper Slut Humiliated - Part 1

In this long two part film, Miss Bernadette uses spanking and diaper punishment to fully humiliate her little slut of a submissive. A side note; before filming this, Sarah knew there would be diapers involved but had no idea the premise. Bernadette wanted to surprise Sarah for very real reaction and boy did she get one. Sarah was fully humiliated to the maximum and you can feel her emotions jumping from the screen. In part one, Sarah comes home to find a very upset Dominant on the couch waiting. Sarah has been lying, she has said she has been working as a Dominatrix at a high end dungeon, but instead she is sneaking off to strip again. She promised she would never go back to that life as it wasn't good for her. She has lied, continues to lie once caught and then must accept a punishment. Miss Bernadette is truly disappointed in Sarah and plans to teach her a humiliating lesson in staying true to her word. Sarah is told to strip off off her clothes, after all, she is used to it. (Only her stockings must remain on) Then a naked Sarah is taken over her Dominant's lap for a hard hand spanking before being bent over for the strap. In part two, coming next, a diaper is introduced to the punishment to further humiliate this lying sassy girl.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 600 MB
$9.99 · 10 Min 2 Sec


Sucking my Toes in the Tub - MP4

I am enjoying my bath while sucking on and playing with my toes. I spit on them, suck them, and bite them. Watch me have fun with my feet while wet and naked in the tub.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 311 MB
$6.99 · 5 Min 10 Sec


Sarah's Naughty Present - MP4

Sarah has wanted a cordless vibrator that was just as powerful as her Doxy and Miss Bernadette found one - The O-Wand! Well, she comes in to give this very naughty present to her good girl and is prepared to have a nice time but first she has her own plan for Sarah. Sarah has to take what is dished out for the reward of her new naughty gift. Sarah is stripped down, and to her Dominant's shock, there are no panties under her tight sexy dress. They have talked about this before, panties must be worn, Miss is not happy. Sarah is now going to be punished for breaking this rule along with other elements of pain Miss has in mind to make her little girl deserving of the pleasure she craves. Sarah is spanked, strapped, paddled, has her pussy slapped, tits slapped, plus more humiliation. Once Miss Bernadette feels that Sarah has paid the price for not wearing panties and pleased her by taking enough pain, she rewards Sarah with an amazing orgasm with the new toy!

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 1243 MB
$19.99 · 21 Min 14 Sec


Small Penis Humiliation - MP4

In this POV style film, you come to see me for what I think is a spanking session. When you show up, I find out that was not your intention and this is surprising and upsetting to me. I scold you and make you get undressed. You admit that you are here to be instructed to jerk off, but after seeing what a tiny penis you have, that won't happy. You stand naked in front of me so I can see just what a little tick tac you have. After I feel you are fully humiliated about your tiny little cock, I make you stand naked in the corner before you are allowed to leave.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 355 MB
$7.99 · 6 Min 8 Sec


Humping My Inflatable Shark - MP4

I am on my bed with my big hard inflatable shark. I look at you and tell you how I am going to lick and rub and ride my big shark. I do just that while looking into your eyes. My inflatable shark is so big and hard and I love how it feels when I grind my pussy on it while bouncing all around.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 450 MB
$7.99 · 6 Min 1 Sec


A Night to Remember - MP4

Sarah and Luci are on a first date. Sarah is hot for Luci and cannot wait for them to get back to her place. It is no secret that they are both kinky as fuck. Lucy wants to have her way with sweet Sarah and has her get on all fours for some spanking fun. After, she strips Sarah down for more fun. Luci plays with Sarah's wet swollen pussy and fingers her. This brings chills down Sarah's spine. It is amazing. She is so turned on. Luci continues to play with Sarah's wet pussy until Sarah wants to cum so much but she doesn't let her yet. She wants to fuck Sarah with the glass dildo while Sarah holds the Doxy vibrator on her clit. Sarah has three orgasms in a row. Luci cannot get over how hot this was!!!!

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 957 MB
$16.99 · 16 Min 16 Sec


Bernadette Shares Her Slut - MP4

The premise of this film is that Miss Bernadette has a friend who is also a Domme, Madame Samantha B. She had been asking Bernadette if she could come over sometime and see just what her and her little pet get up to when they play. Well, it is finally that time for Bernadette to share her little slut with Samantha. Samantha observes and sees just how slutty Sarah can be. She is invited to play as well and has so much fun with Sarah. First, Sarah is summoned in, collared, undressed, and leashed. Her Dominant, Miss Bernadette, leads her around to show off her beautiful body to Samantha. After, Sarah is bent over as her beautiful bottom is high on display and she is flogged and spanked. Sarah lays her head in Madame Samantha's lap as her Dominant brings down the leather flogger over her curves. Sarah's tight sexy black panties are slowly pulled down over her slightly pink bottom as Mistress wants to spread her little slut for Madame Samantha to see. Miss Bernadette flogs Sarah while holding her hair and Samantha uses a stingy leather paddle on Sarah's behind at the same time. What a thrill of sensations! Sarah can't help but be dripping, and this is pointed out many times to her despite her embarrassment about just how wet she is already! Next, Sarah is turned around and made to sit agaist the couch with her legs spread wide for her Mistress to do as she pleases. When Sarah disobeys and tries to put her legs together she is cropped hard on her inner thighs and warned that they next time this happens, she will be punished with a cane. Mistress also gives her little slut some face slaps to show her just how serious she is about behaving, especially in front of company. Miss Bernadette uses the rubber crop on Sarah's tender nipples and breasts. Sarah winces in pain, but something tells mistress she is enjoying it, could it be her wet pussy almost dripping onto the carpet? Madame Samantha holds Sarah's head in place while Mistress continues to crop Sarah's breasts, nipples, and her swollen wet pussy! Sarah is then made to get on all fours and spread her legs as Madame Samantha watches Miss Bernadette take the leather strap to Sarah's poor pink bottom. Sarah's winces in pain as the stingy strap licks her curvy bottom. It hurts so much but Sarah is still craving it. Mistress caresses and soothes Sarah's poor bottom in between some of the harder strokes. After her her strapping, Madame Samantha and Miss Bernadette humiliate Sarah but taking turns spreading her ass open just to bring attention to how wet she is. Samantha even straddles Sarah and reaches down and spreads her so far open that she remarks how she can see right inside her. How humiliating! Next it is the cane! Sarah's bottom and backs of her thighs are caned with a short thin whippy cane that bites her. She cries in pain until real tears are streaming. She wants to please her Mistress and knows there will be reward for her. After her bottom and backs of thighs are caned she is stood up so Mistress can work on her front. The front of thighs are caned and she also receives three strokes on her tummy, which is a first for her, but she trusts her loving Dominant. She again cries and as the tears roll down her face, she knows she is pleasing Mistress and that the reward she craves is not far away. "It has to hurt" she is told. She gets through the most difficult part of their play in this clip as she knows she is so loved and the pain is given to her with love! In the last part of this film, Sarah is finally given the reward she so craves. She is put on her back and made to spread her legs. She is dripping!! Mistress holds her head in her lap as Madame Samantha is given the Doxy vibrator to hold on Sarah's VERY swollen pussy. Mistress Bernadette tells Samantha when to turn it up and tells Sarah when she is allowed to cum. Sarah has three orgasms as Bernadette holds her. Sarah shakes and whole body convulses as the orgasms are so powerful. After, she lays in her Dominant's arms as she is held. She is a happy girl and feels very loved!

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 2026 MB
$29.99 · 34 Min 40 Sec


Blowing, Stripping, and Fun with my Balloons - MP4

Come and watch me have loads of fun with my balloons. I blow them up, I lay on them, pop one of them in my big tits. I strip for you, lay over them, spread my legs and just have loads of fun for you. I love my big and small balloons and am so happy to play with them for you.

MP4 · 1920x1080 · 743 MB
$14.99 · 12 Min 48 Sec

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