Too Sore to Sit: Paddling Her Round Bottom - MP4 1920x1080

Too Sore to Sit: Paddling Her Round Bottom - MP4 1920x1080

"In Need of Guidance" introduced us to Tonya, a beautiful girl with a heart of gold, though sometimes she makes some big mistakes. Previously we found out that she'd earned two spankings in one day and this is the second spanking that she was given after she'd disregarded dire warnings and wore provocative clothing to school. Tonya's bottom was super sore and hot to the touch! She'd been given some hard licks just hours before, she dreaded the thought of getting spanked again. Some say that two spankings in one day is just too strict, though other disciplinarians argue that such measures almost always bring about better behavior. Anyways and in this case, Tonya laid over her step-dad's bed as instructed. Once the man entered the room he pulled Tonya's round bottom over his knee and he laid into her backside with some solid smacks. You could tell that he was attempting to make that spanking memorable for the girl, in fact he also spanked her otk with a solid wooden hairbrush! Her cheeks were bouncing and coloring up nicely from each and every swats with that brush, the girl would learn to follow his rules or her bare bottom would have to suffer! The riding crop can really welt a fanny and Tonya can attest to that. Her step-dad laid in some furious strokes, he wanted to see the girl in pain. He certainly didn't enjoy giving her licks like that, but he did want to see that his methods were having a serious impact on his step-d*ughter. After the crop, Tonya was paddled! Simple, yet old fashioned discipline that has been proven to be effective for centuries. Her bottom was sore and certainly swollen, but even though those cheeks of hers were throbbing, she was truly embarrassed for her mistakes and sorry that she'd made him upset. It was a thorough punishment, though in a shocking turn of events Tonya reached out began to unzip her step-dad's pants. What exactly did she think that she was doing? As her mouth opened wider the situation became more clear, she was breaking boundaries and planning to offer an oral apology.

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